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We are a body of diverse organizations, elected officials, environmental groups, and labor unions working for a real, long term, 21st century jobs and infrastructure package that benefits all Americans.

Working communities are leading the way for #MillionsOfJobs. Donald Trump wants to sell off our public roads and bridges to Wall Street investors and foreign corporations -- allowing them to put up new tolls and transfer money from our communities into their pockets. We reject that "infrastructure plan."

We call on Congressional leaders to support and enact the kind of “Jobs and Infrastructure” legislation that the country needs to reinforce what is already here and continue to grow and become better.

We must embrace an expansive vision of the American economy that creates millions of jobs, puts 21st Century public investment first, advances economic equity for historically disenfranchised Americans, and protects the environment.

If you believe in rebuilding America, we welcome you to join us or learn more about what we stand for.

Coalition Members:

350 Action
Center for Popular Democracy          
Color of Change
Communications Workers of America
CREDO Action
Democracy for America
Demos Action
EPI Policy Center
Free Press
Food & Water Watch
In the Public Interest
League of Conservation Voters
Local Progress
Media Matters for America
NextGen Climate
NY Communities for Change
People’s Action
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Roosevelt Institute
Sierra Club
Strong for All
Working Families Party