We call on Congressional leaders to enact the kind of big, bold “Jobs and Infrastructure” legislation that America desperately needs.

We must embrace an expansive vision of the American economy that creates millions of jobs, puts 21st-century public investment first, advances economic equity for historically disenfranchised Americans, and protects the environment.

If you believe in rebuilding America, we welcome you to join us or learn more about what we stand for.

The Coalition

Coalition members

The Millions of Jobs campaign is made up of over 30 Democratic constituency groups, including labor unions, environmental organizations, racial justice groups, grassroots powerhouses, and more. Encourage your local groups to join the coalition.

Meet Our Members

Local Leaders

City and state elected officials often most intimately understand the needs and benefits of good jobs and strong infrastructure. These leaders offer our coalition an on-the-ground expertise and awareness of the issues, and the best way forward.

Meet Our Leaders


Over 100 Members of Congress have co-sponsored the Millions of Jobs resolution, which would commit our country to high-bar jobs and infrastructure principles that serve the values and interests of all those living in America.