About Us

We are a diverse coalition of labor unions, advocacy groups, elected officials, and grassroots activists working for a real, long-term, 21st-century jobs and infrastructure package that benefits all Americans.

Working communities are leading the way for #MillionsOfJobs. Donald Trump wants to sell off our public roads and bridges to Wall Street investors and foreign corporations — allowing them to put up new tolls and transfer money from our communities into their pockets. We reject that “infrastructure plan.”

The Millions of Jobs campaign is a project of The Advocacy Fund.


We must embrace an expansive vision of the American economy that creates millions of jobs, puts 21st-century public investment first, advances economic equity for historically disenfranchised Americans, and protects the environment.

If you believe in rebuilding America, we welcome you to join us or learn more about what we stand for.

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    American Federal State County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
    American Sustainable Business Council
    Center for Popular Democracy
    Coalition on Human Needs
    Color of Change
    Communications Workers of America
    CREDO Action
    Defenders of Wildlife
    Democracy for America
    Demos Action
    Economic Policy Institute Policy Center
    Faith in Action
    Food & Water Watch
    Free Press Action
    In the Public Interest
    League of Conservation Voters
    Local Progress
    Media Matters for America
    National Domestic Workers Alliance
    National Education Association
    Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
    NextGen America
    Organizing for Action (OFA)
    People’s Action
    Progressive Change Campaign Committee
    Progressive Congress Action Fund
    Roosevelt Institute
    Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
    Sierra Club
    State Innovation Exchange (SIX)
    Sunrise Movement
    Working Families Party

    What Good Public
    Infrastructure Means

    Infrastructure is present in every facet of our daily lives. It is the roads we drive on, the water systems we drink from, the energy we are powered by. It is also school buildings for our children, the high-speed internet we require to work and play, and the public transportation we use to get around, and much more.

    Infrastructure requires investment, maintenance, and frequent upgrades. The American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated $4.6 trillion in infrastructure needs over the next 10 years, over $2 trillion of which is currently unfunded. We need quick and bold action from politicians to ensure our country stays ahead of the curve and leads the way with a world-class jobs and infrastructure plan.

    Why H.Con.Res.36

    Not all jobs and infrastructure plans are created equal. Our country is in need of a major overhaul to propel its infrastructure into the 21st century and put people to work with family-sustaining jobs. This means transitioning away from fossil fuels, better serving traditionally underfunded communities, and ensuring that our bridges, freeways and public transportation are safe and efficient for all users. It also means ensuring that public infrastructure is built to serve all people, not just moneyed interests.

    Major jobs and infrastructure bills may only happen once in a generation. By pledging to support the principles laid out in H.Con.Res. 36, Members of Congress are committing to a strong investment in a better future that works for all of us. They are rejecting any infrastructure “scams” which sell off our public works to corporations and hedge funds, while saddling future generations with more taxes and tolls.

    The next jobs and infrastructure bill that is passed can either be a huge step in the right direction or two steps in the wrong direction. We must demand that our politicians lead us forward and settle for nothing less.