Our 10 Principles

The Millions of Jobs Coalition calls on Congressional leaders to support and enact the kind of “Jobs and Infrastructure” legislation that the country needs. We must embrace an expansive vision of the American economy that creates millions of jobs, puts 21st-century public investment first, advances economic equity for historically disenfranchised Americans, and protects the environment.

We therefore call on Congress to champion legislation that adheres to the following principles, as articulated in House Concurrent Resolution 36:

  1. Invest in creating millions of new jobs.
  2. Prioritize public investment over corporate giveaways and selling off public goods.
  3. Ensure that direct public investment provides the overwhelming majority of the funds for infrastructure improvement.
  4. Prioritize racial and gender equity, environmental justice, and worker protections.
  5. Embrace 21st-century clean energy jobs.
  6. Protect wages, expand Buy American provisions, encourage project labor agreements, and prioritize the needs of disadvantaged communities — both urban and rural.
  7. Ensure the wealthiest Americans and giant corporations who reap the greatest economic benefit from public goods pay their fair share for key investments.
  8. Ensure infrastructure investment does not come at the expense of Social Security and other vital programs.
  9. Protect and strengthen existing rules and laws protecting our environment, worker safety, wages, or equitable hiring practices.
  10. Prioritize resilient infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters and cyber or physical attacks.

We simultaneously call on Congress to reject any false promises of a job and infrastructure plan centered on privatizing America. Trump has made clear that his plan will rely heavily on selling off public roads to Wall Street billionaires and foreign corporations that would place new tolls on Americans and ignore the needs of everyday people. We call for a program that ensures that those on whom economic fortune has shined most brightly will pay their fair share.

There is much at stake for our nation’s future. Taxpayers should not subsidize billionaires and Wall Street banks as they privatize and sell off public assets. We fight for Americans who have been excluded from America’s prosperity, and we stand for a green-growth economy that generates good jobs.

We ask that you join us by endorsing the principles above.